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welcome to ou
welcome to ou
welcome to ou
welcome to ou

  SHANXI HANDO FOUNDRY INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd .(Hando) is established in 1994 with total investment of USDl8,000,000.Hando occupies areas of 66,000 square meters with building areas of 30,000 square meters.There are appr. 480 employees,among of them 50 process engineers and quality assurance engineers.Hando is owned and operated by a group of professional foundrymen with well-educated background and senior experiences of foundry and mechanical engineering.
  There are casting workshop NO.1,casting workshop NO.2,tooling & machining workshop,core making work-shop and heat treatment sections.The annual production capacity is of 30,000 tons of ductile iron, gray iron,ADI and wear resistance components.The weight range is of l kg to 100 kg Three automatic moulding lines(two of them made in Japan),six sets of CNC lathes and one machining centers and CAD/CAM/CAE technology is applied;The instruments of chemical composition testing, microstructure testing, nodularity UT testing, mechanical property testing and CMM are available.
  The main products:OEM automotive components (such as chassis system components, engine system components, power train system components, and brake system components etc.),OEM agricultural and engineering machinery components,mining components,and watering and draining system components.Over 60%of them are supplied to the well-known enterprises.
  ISO/TSl6949:2002 is certified by T u V Rhineland Group in December of 2005.
  Hando is getting customer trusts and satisfaction with quality products, on- time delivery, excellent service and competitive price.


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